Filling wrinkles


Erasing the wrinkles, lips augmen, cheeck bones and contour forming

Hyaluron fillers give you a safety way to improve your vision with non harmful product and with a long lasting effect.

They can help for an immediate corrections of wrincles, for improving of some concave scars, for forming the cheeck bones and the face contour, to give additioanal volume and form the lips.

Hialuronic acid is a natural component of the human body and is completely non-harmfull. It can attract and retain water molecules and in that way it assures a constant hydration of the skin, restores skin’s hydrobalance and force fibroplasts to produce collagen.

Fillers treatments are preferred because they take a short time both for the excat procedure but for the recovery after it. The risk of side and allergic reactions is minimal, but the easthetic results are immediate and natural.

The effect after the filler treatment is individual, but it can laste for 10-18 months.

Fillers procedures can be combined with mesotherapy and botulinum toxin, according to a desired esthetic effect.

Dermato-cosmetic center Belle Femme is working with all the fillers, registered for use on the bulgarian market: Restylane, Stylage, Teosyal, Filorga and etc.


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